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January 30,2021

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February 6th, 2021

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February 20, 2021

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"My home shopping experience with Sabrina Le was absolutely fantastic! Her expertise and accuracy towards the real estate market was exceptional. Sabrina possessed a meticulous approach towards gathering information about each home, coupled with showmanship and a thorough analysis of documentation. Her professionalism was courteous, which aided towards comfortability in many ways. I'm thrilled to be an homeowner and this would not have been possible without her. In my experience, Sabrina's family approach towards her craft spoke in large volume. Everyday presented a fun and adventurous experience for me. If you need a home, she's the one. If you want a joyous shopping experience, she's the one. The real estate market is tough, but through it all, Sabrina will be there - every step of the way!"

Corey C.
(Represented Buyer)

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"I wanted to thank you for all your patience and help for finding the right property for me. No matter what time or how many questions I had you always went above and beyond for me. You made this difficult time for me so pleasurable, I had forgotten that there were people like you in this business. So once again thank you for your kindness and patience. My family and I appreciate everything you did for finding my perfect place for Andy and me."

Kathryn M.
(Represented Renter)

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"We loved your service, you were very helpful and super attentive to what we wanted and didn’t want especially with all our request lol, you were amazing and with our lease coming up in just a few months we planned to use you again! You made the experience for us amazing! Thank you for all you did for us!"

Sophia and Don
(Represented Renter)

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True story: Rosa and Robert came to me with a horrible experience with their last agent. This time around truly made them feel like their requests were heard. This was a bittersweet transaction for me as the realtor because of the 5 months we were together. Thank you Rosa and Robert for your trust and treating me like family.
-Sabrina, Realtor

Rosa and Robert
(Represented Buyer)

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True story: Rosa and Robert bought this home in July of 2020 when they moved to Houston. When I spoke with them, in 2021 they were only living in the home for 6 months. Robert was concerned with selling the home and still having money left over. I ran the comps and we listed the home. The home sold for 30k more than what they bought it for 6 months ago. 15k over asking. Thank you for trusting me to help your family gain positive equity.
-Sabrina, Realtor

Rosa and Robert
(Represented Seller)

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"Your Mind Is A Weapon, Keep It Loaded."

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